We focus on Offering you Results!


While other’s are focused on giving you a beautiful visual experience, we focus on what is important. Some websites and services are so focused on the visual charm of a campaign, the reason why the campaign was created get’s lost in glorified visual enhancements.  Well, at least it looks pretty!

We focus on answering more technical aspects like:

  • Is that the right amount of keywords in the right places to rank?
  • How do we switch an individual from browser to buyer.
  • Is every platform and service communicating the right message to deliver maximum sales.
  • Are we creating the correct emotional response with our triggers?
  • etc…………….

We focus on- How do we get more Customer's to your Doorstep!

business marketing


We are keeping this truly simple.

  1. We help any local business anywhere in English Speaking Countries. PS: We only offer our services in English.
  2. Your business has to be a local plumber, electrical, mechanic, dentist, chiropractor, doctor, salon or spa. PS: Email us below if your business is a local business but does not fit into these categories.
  3. We get you a fixed number of clients at a fixed price over a fixed period (normally monthly).
  4. You don’t have to worry about any digital or technical set-ups. You just pay for the leads we send to you. We inform you of your lead immediately. on our side we will take care of the websites, social media, video’s, paid advertising etc.. to meet your target leads.
  5. You don’t own any of these digital assets, so there is no maintenance or monthly installments to be paid to platforms and services.
  6. There is no lengthy contracts. You purchase a set amount of leads for your business over a month period. PS: if for any reason we did not meet your target leads, we will refund you the difference as you pay per lead.


Business Marketing

If you are in any of the above mentioned businesses you will pay a flat rate. Remember, once we give you this lead, you can ensure that this person remains a customer for life. 

How much is the Lifetime Value of a Customer to You?

If you haven’t calculated this, then do so now. How many times will a client require your specific service in their lifetime? Can you see how much this is worth to you? 

Get an automated email system to build trust and keep the leads we send you informed about what is happening in your business. Click Here to learn to do that or let us do that for you at a monthly charge.

PS: All quotes are in USD as it is regarded the universal currency! 

You have the versatility of deciding how many leads you want in a month. You know how many clients you can handle!

Leads cost only $12 each, no matter where you are in the world.

We can manage your email communication with your customers for $67 per month

You can now decide whether you will spend your precious time managing a marketing campaign or servicing your clients?

How much did your last marketing campaign cost you per Lead gained?

You can purchase a Lead Campaign through the PayPal Button below or Contact Us for more information through the form below.

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